Sequoia (Sequoia and Sequoiadendron)-


Giant sequoia

(Sequoiadendron giganteum), are often confused with coastal redwoods but they differ significantly. They have shorter scale like needles with 1 ½ inch woody, egg-shaped cones that are extremely hard. In its native habitat, mature trees will grow to 200-275ft tall and produce a trunk diameter ranging from 15-20ft wide. These trees can live for thousands of years!! 

Coastal Redwood

(Sequoia sempervirens) The leaves off the main shoots are spirally arranged, scale-like, and held closely to the branches; leaves off the lateral shoots are spreading, needle-like, and arranged in two rows. Their 1-inch cones have thick wrinkled scales. This Sequoia is considered the tallest growing tree, growing upward of 350ft tall and having a trunk of 20-25ft wide. Although these trees are fast growing in their native habitat they still take almost 400 years to mature!