Flowering trees play an important role in a garden design, providing bursts of spring color long before the rest of the garden is awake. They allow the beholder to enjoy their lovely blooms and sweet fragrance without having to be at ground level. And once all the blooms are finished, their brilliant floral display gives way to interesting leaf shapes, colorful berries, and vibrant fall color. Flowering trees are also a long-lasting investment. By practicing a little care and common sense, you will be rewarded with a seasonal show of color year after year.

Natural shapes of Flowering Trees:

Weeping - A weeping tree is where the growth habit makes branches or leaves droop downward, creating an elegant profile. The growth habit of these trees is usually a result of a mutation and will not come true to form from seeds. Most of these trees are grafted.

Upright/Standard – Standard or upright trees can be grown on their own roots; but usually they are grafted onto a different rootstock. Either method shouldn’t stunt the tree from reaching the mature height for its species.