There are approximately 1000 different flowering apple, of which only about 100 are commonly planted. These trees vary in mature size, growth habit, flower color, and the size/color of fruit. Crabapple blossoms appear in April to May, depending on variety and elevation. Some crabapple varieties bloom relatively early, others bloom mid- season and some bloom towards the end of crabapple season. The length of the blossoming period can range from 1 to 2 weeks, all of this depends on the variety and weather conditions. Crabapple flower buds are attractive even before they open, developing color even before they fully open. Some varieties of crabapple have showy fall leaf color, ranging from yellow, orange, red and/or purple. Crabapple twig and bark color ranges from green to yellow to reddish brown when young.  Many crabapples develop attractive mottled bark as they mature.