Flowering Cherry -

Flowering cherry trees are extremely versatile and will fit in with numerous garden styles including Asian gardens, Zen gardens, cottage gardens and country gardens. In late March through mid to late April these trees will produce profuse amounts of flowers. The blossoms can change color, when the buds emerge, they are a dark pink, turning a lighter pink when the blossoms open, then eventually turning a pale pink or creamy white. There are some varieties that will display wonderful fall foliage that turns purple, red, and oranges.

Flowering Plum -

Flowering plums are a small to medium-sized ornamental tree native to Asia. Purple-leaved cultivars, such as the popular Thundercloud (Prunus cerasifera), are more common in the home landscape because of its beautiful red leaves and smaller growing habit. These trees grow in full sunlight to partial shade and will tolerate mild coastal conditions. Flowering plums do not do well in a site that gets a lot of wind, as this can be damaging to the leaves and upper branches. Flowering plums are one of the earliest blooming trees that attracts bees with its delicately fragrant pink blossoms, and birds with its small, fleshy red fruits. The fruit is edible