European Beech (Fagus sylvatica)-

Fagus sylvatica, commonly called European beech, is a large deciduous tree that will grow 50-60 ft tall with a dense, upright and oval or rounded and spreading canopies. European beech is distinguished from the similar American beech (see Fagus grandifolia) by its darker gray bark, smaller size, and shorter leaves that have very little jagged (toothed) margins. It is a low branching tree, with its trunk ranging from 2-4 ft in diameter. Beech have distinctive bark that is smooth, thin and gray. Oval, dark green leaves (4” long) have wavy nearly toothless margins and prominent parallel veins. Foliage turns a golden bronze in fall. Yellowish green flowers bloom from April through May, the male flowers droop on long-stemmed, round clusters where the female flowers are on short spikes. Female flowers will give way to triangular nuts enclosed by spiny bracts. Beechnuts ripen in the fall and are edible.

Tri-Colored Beech (Fagus sylvatica) –

Tri- colored beech are the ideal purple-pink Beech tree for smaller city plots. It can be used for shade, along an entryway, driveway or as a colorful street tree. This tree is very cold hardy and can be used both as an accent planted with evergreens or in a grove as its color will be distinguishable from a distance. Stunningly well formed it is a great front yard statement tree for larger homes with classic architecture. The foliage is purple with irregular creamy pink and rose-colored margins. A striking specimen tree that will be a wonderful addition to any landscape.