Choisya is a medium sized evergreen shrub that grows to 6ft tall and 5-6ft wide. They take well to pruning and can be kept smaller than the 6ft. The oval, three lobed (trifoliate), green leaves (1-3” long) are shiny, with a slight smell of oranges when the leaves are crushed. Flowers are white, star shaped and fragrant (smells like orange blossoms) blooming in late spring to early summer. Some plants will bloom sporadically through the summer and even sometimes into the early fall. These plants work extremely well for covering footings, hiding utility boxes, understory trees, borders and creating lush backdrops for small perennials. Every garden, regardless of aesthetic and theme, needs hardworking, foundational shrubs that look good year-round. Some gardens need more: a shrub that also is deer resistant, flowering, easy to maintain, and tolerant of awkward partly shady spots. Mexican orange blossom (Choisya ternata) is that plant.