Dogwood shrubs are deciduous with large green leaves that are great for erosion control, background planting, potted up, in a perennial garden, in formal hedges or can even be used as a border.  These plants usually get 6ft tall and wide. Their sprawling habit can for large colonies over time. They are airy in the center of the plant, but the different color twigs give interest through the leaves and make wonderful color splashes in the winter when the rest of the plants are bare. Twigs color can range from yellow to red and dual tones. Fall color is much like its tree form cousin with shades of yellow, orange and red. The flowers are tiny, white flat clusters that flower in late spring to ealy summer followed by white berries that ripen to blue in late summer or early fall. These shrubs have characteristics of dogwood trees on a smaller scale. They are shade tolerant and do well under large shade trees.