The euonymus species is made up of about 130 species of shrubs, woody climbers and small trees. Euonymus includes many well-known landscape shrubs and ground covers, several which are best known for their fall foliage. There are many varieties that are evergreen, have variegation or vibrant foliage in the fall.

Burning Bush(Euonymus alatus) - The winged spindle tree , also called burning bush, is a  handsome shrub with corky winged stems. Getting about 6ft tall and just as wide. It loves full sun and it will show its best red Fall color if planted in full sun.

Japanese euonymus (Euonymus japonica) -this euonymus is a dense, oval, evergreen shrub that usually grows 10-15ft tall and to 5-8ft wide. Leathery, oval, dark green leaves (3” long) are rounded at the end of the leaf and tapered at the base. Leaf margins are serrated except near the base. Non-showy, four-petaled, greenish-white flowers bloom in June. Flowers are followed by showy pink fruits encapsulated with a red flesh which ripens in fall.