Portuguese Laurel (Prunus lusitanica)-

Portugal laurel have glossy, dark-green leaves which are 5" long and 2" wide. In late spring through early summer, small white flowers on 5"-10" panicles, clusters of tiny, red to purple fruit follow the flowers. While humans and dogs should not consume the berries, birds will gladly eat them all once they are ripe. 25ft tall and 15ft wide. Portugal laurel is a slightly slower growing than cherry laurel, but more tolerant of the sun, wind and more drought tolerant.

Otto Luyken Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) -

'Otto Luyken' is a compact cultivar of the English Laurel that grows to 3-4ft tall and will spread 6-8ft. Used in parking lots “low growing” hedges. Will tolerate heavy shade.

English Laurel “Cherry Laurel” (Prunus laurocerasus)-

English Laurel or cherry laurel is a dense,  broad spreading, evergreen shrub that matures to 10-18ft tall with a spread to 20-25ft. Leaves are dark green and oval in shape (6” long). Tiny, creamy white, fragrant, cup-shaped flowers in upright clusters (5” long) bloom from the leaf axils in April through May. The flowers are followed by inconspicuous black berries that will ripen in mid-summer. This fruit is basically inedible for humans (bitter aftertaste) and poisonous to dogs but is loved by the local birds. Will tolerate heavy shade.