Crape myrtle is an upright, multi-stemmed, wide-spreading, deciduous shrub or can be formed into a small tree. It grows to 15-25ft tall and up to 15ft wide. These plants have very long bloom times, peeling bark and gorgeous fall color. Thin papery clusters of showy flowers (6-18” long) with wavy petals bloom in summer sometimes lasting until fall. Flower color can be white, pink, red, mauve, purple and lavender. Thick, leathery, privet-like, oblong leaves (3" long) emerge (late March to April) anywhere from light green with a tinge of red to bright fiery red eventually maturing to a dark green by summer. Fall colors can be shades of yellow, orange and red. After the flowers are spent, they give way to green, round seed capsules which can stay well into winter.