Versatile pines have evergreen, aromatic foliage, can tolerate full sun, is drought resistant, and need little maintenance. There are some dwarf pines that have a mounded growth habit and will commonly stay less than 5ft tall. Dwarf mugo pine (Pinus mugo pumilio) is a great example, which grows wider than it does tall, the dark green shrubs is a slow grower and can reach 3 to 5ft tall and 6 to 10ft wide in 10 years. There are other mugo pines that do well as a hedge and will grow 6-8ft tall and 4-6ft wide.Another Pine with bright green needles is the Japanese red pine "Low Glow" (Pinus densiflora "Low Glow") growing to 4ft tall and wide. Several varieties of dwarf pines have low growing forms. The "Hillside Creeper" Scotch pine is a faster growing pine (Pinus sylvestris "Hillside Creeper") that only get 1.5-2ft tall but can spread 6 to 8 feet. All of these are great for rock garden plant to cascade over terraces.