Dwarf spruce varieties tend to have a slower growing habit with a globular form. A nice dwarf spruce variety is Glauca Globosa (P. pungens "Glauca Globosa"), it grows slowly to 2-3ft tall; it may grow wider than tall and can develop one or more leaders that should be pruned off to keep its shape. Use dwarf spruces as a low hedge or in containers, in rock gardens or mixed borders. The bird's nest spruce is another great variety of spruce that forms a small “dwarf” round shrub with an impression on the top making it look like a bird’s nest giving this spruce its name. It grows between 2-4ft tall and wide. If you are looking to create a topiary shape or just have that perfect live Christmas tree the Dwarf Alberta spruce is the best choice! This spruce is great for patio pots most often seen next to a front door. Conical in shape they end up getting around 6ft tall and 3ft wide at the base.