Arborvitae is a dense, narrow-pyramidal to conical, evergreen, usually a single-trunked tree. Most Arborvitae are trees and will get 40-60ft tall over time, but in typically they grow 20-30' tall. Scale-like, bright yellowish green to medium green, aromatic foliage appears in flat sprays. Reddish brown bark will start to peel on mature branches and trunks.

Smaragd -

is a semi-dwarf variety that has a compact, narrow pyramidal habit with bright green, scale-like leaves that are in flat sprays. Vase shaped cones (1/2" long) that mature in autumn to reddish brown. Usually these arborvitaes are used as screens because they only get 7-15ft tall and spread 3-4ft wide. This variety is also known as 'Emerald Green' or 'Emerald'.