There are over 150 species of viburnum, as well as numerous cultivars. Viburnums are deciduous or evergreen and can be anywhere from 2ft shrubs to 30ft trees. They can produce flowers that are extremely fragrant and some that are horrible smelling.

‘Koreanspice’ (Viburnum carlesii) –

Very spicy-sweet, pink blooms with vigorous growth; the Koreanspice viburnum is one of the best choices for springtime fragrance rivaling that of winter daphne. This deer resistant shrub can get 5-6ft tall and wide, but there are smaller varieties that only reach 3-4ft tall and wide. Fall brings a gorgeous display of bright red foliage.

‘American Cranberry’ (Viburnum opulus) –

American cranberry viburnum gets 8-10ft tall and wide there are several compact varieties that only reach 5-6ft tall and wide. Flat white flowers cover this plant in the spring and following the flowers comes edible tasty red fruits that ripen in the fall.

‘Arrowwood’ (Viburnum dentatum) –

Arrowwood viburnums are an upright, multi stemmed, deciduous shrub that gets 6-15ft tall and 5-12ft wide. Non-fragrant white flowers give way to dark blue to black fruits. Egg shaped, serrated, glossy dark green leaves (4" long). Fall color can be dull yellow to brilliant shades of orange and red.

‘Burkwood’ (Viburnum × burkwoodii) –

Burkwood viburnum is a multi-stemmed shrub that is densely branched growing 8-10ft tall and 5-7ft wide. Oval, glossy dark green leaves (4" long) turn maroon in fall. It produces white, fragrant flowers in flat clusters; following the flowers red berries appear and will ripen to black in late summer to early fall.

‘Doublefile’ (Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum) –

Doublefile is a multi-stemmed, dense, upright, deciduous shrub that typically matures to 8-15ft tall and 10-15ft wide. Oval, serrated, strongly-veined, dark green leaves (4” long) that have pleated upper surfaces. Leaves turn burgundy to a reddish purple in fall. It produces large white flower clusters.

‘Snowball’ (Viburnum opulus 'Roseum') –

'Roseum’ is a sterile cultivar (so it doesn’t get the cranberry-like fruit) that produces 3” pom-pom-like globular clusters (snowballs) of completely sterile white flowers that bloom in May. Flowers will get a light rose blushing as they fade. Plants grow 10-12ft tall and 8-10ft wide that makes it have a rounded form. Sugar-maple like leaves are green that will become orange red in fall. This plant is often confused with snowball hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla).

'Davidii' (Viburnum Davidii) -

The Davidii viburnum is an evergreen shrub that gets 2-3ft tall and 3-4ft wide. It has small white flowers in rounded clusters that bloom in spring. Fertilized female flowers give way to round green fruits slowly changing to a pinkish-red and eventually turn a metallic blue as they ripen. Fruits usually stay on the shrub into winter. Fruits are loved by birds.