Wintercreeper euonymus is a dense, woody stemmed, broadleaf evergreen (in colder climates it is a semi-evergreen) plant that comes in a variety of forms. It may appear as a trailing ground cover, a mounding shrub or a climbing vine. Most of the wintercreepers have oval leaves that are opposite, glossy, slightly serrated, with light colored veins, about 1-2.5 in. long. There are varieties that are variegated with either white and green variegation, yellow and green variegation or combination of all three. The Winter foliage really makes the plants stand out! They can be shades of pinks, reds and oranges. Inconspicuous, greenish-white flowers with 5 tiny petals may appear in June. Flowers are at best sparse but are usually not present. Following the flowers are small round pink-red fruit capsules that split open and exposes their reddish orange seed.